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    The joy of summer

    Katschberger HoamART

    Hiking, customs, culinary art and music are the main components of the seven weeks of autumn. Three to four times a week from the end of August to mid-October, music is played, typical specialities of the region are served and handicrafts from the past are shown at the chalets. Sometimes one can also give the craftsmen a helping hand, such as the woodcutters, blacksmiths or shingle makers.

    If the huts are located in somewhat more remote areas, one hikes together with guides from the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and gains interesting insights into the peculiarities of the unique natural and cultural landscape. In this way, children, for example, learn how important the work of the alpine farmers, farmers and lumberjacks is for the preservation of nature. Guests also have the opportunity to participate in a custom that had been forgotten somewhat and is now experiencing a revival. Scarecrows are being seen more and more often again in the fields and gardens. The guests are invited to make scarecrows themselves. These are gradually stationed on the "scarecrow path".


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