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    The joy of winter


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    The miniature world at Lake Wörthersee is a place to enjoy, relax, learn, have fun, seeing, experiencing. The 150 models of famous buildings, trains and ships invite you to a trip around the world in miniature. On a day around the world! Visit the Sydney Opera House, by stroll under the Eiffel Tower, snap a photo in front of the Taj Mahal, eat an ice cream in front of St. Peter's Basilica, the Statue of Liberty admire etc.

    Distance from Katschberg:106 km/61 mins

    Sonnenbahn St. Michael

    The investment in the Sonnenbahn Speiereck in St. Michael meant that the bottleneck in the Grosseck-Speiereck ski resort could be closed. The 2.3 km-long stretch for 8-person cable cars with a travelling time of 7 minutes and 20 seconds was constructed in harmony with state-of-the-art cable car technology.

    Distance from Katschberg: 6,5 km/8 mins

    Opening times:
    02. Juli - 14 September, Wednesday and Sunday
    No cablecar in the rain, storms .


    It is one of the most beautiful, longest and deepest gorges in the Alps.

    Distance from Katschberg 68,3 km/58 mins

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    It is the world's tallest wooden observation tower with 100 m including spire, with the highest indoor slide in Europe: height 51.4 m.

    Distance from Katschberg: 104 km/72 mins

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    Experience the fascinating world of garnet gems in Radenthein. A familyfriendly adventure world around the "stone of love and passion." Take a time of 2 - 3 hours.

    Distance from Katschberg: 52,6 km/42 mins

    Alpenwildpark Feld am See

    A destination - four attractions. Experience Wildlife in 11ha large zoo. Children's playground and petting zoo and tavern Africa Museum, grizzly world with a museum, Fischmuseum.

    Distance from Katschberg: Entfernung 56 km/45 mins

    Therme Amadé

    With unique singlelooping slide. Relaxation, family fun.

    Distance from Katschberg: 51 km/45 mins

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    Mölltaler Glacier

    The panoramic views of some 30 three-thousand peaks in the Hohe Tauern mountain chain are unique in Austria. The term ‘Erlebnis 3000’ (experience 3000) is not just an empty advertising slogan for the magnificent Mölltaler Glacier – the Eisseebahn cable car and Mölltaler Gletscher Express actually transport visitors up to a height of over 3100 m.

    Distance from Katschberg: 75 km/60 mins

    Werfen Giant Ice World

    Explore the wonder of the world’s largest ice cave. See ice palaces of crystal-clear beauty which lead into a wintry world of ice, even on hot summer days. The enormous entrance to the cave is 20 m wide and 18 m high and is visible from afar. The entire cave system extends over 42 km with the first approx. 1 km long section incorporating giant ice formations. The temperature inside the cave is approx. 0° C during the summer months.

    Distance from Katschberg: 77 km/55 mins

    Nocky Flitzer - Toboggan Run

    An exceptional rollercoaster feeling in the Nockbergen… Over rough and smooth, through old stone pine forests, along steep bends and across breath-taking waves and jumps...buckle up... and enjoy the ride from the Turracher Höhe at 2000 m above sea level. Glide down into the valley by sledge! The rails lead 1600 m through the impressive natural mountain environment. Visitors of all ages will be impressed by this adrenaline rush.

    Distance from Katschberg: 55 km/50 mins

    Sagamundo - Hous of Tales

    Legendary, mysterious, magical... and natural! A 3-storey natural landscape in a natural design and shaped by legendary water beings winds its way around the ‘Sagor world tree’. The ‘House of Tales’ is a multi-media and interactive ‘play area’ for unleashing the imagination and re-discovering that sense of childhood amazement.

    Distance from Katschberg: 48 km/37 mins

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    Raggaschlucht Gorge

    The water adventure world. Over thousands of years, the Raggabach river carved out one of the most beautiful natural gorges in the Alps. Vertical cliff walls narrow the romantic gorge and the crashing of water fills the air. Artistically positioned stairs and pathways make the walk easier and the return journey leads along the ‘educational geology trail’ in the forest.

    Distance from Katschberg: 65 km/45 mins

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    Affenberg Adventure

    Unique in the world: watch the swimming Japanese macaque monkeys in a nature environment! Information is provided by our specialist staff during the tour. 104 monkeys demonstrate the beauty of freedom. Animal hierarchies, rearing the young and even swimming and diving monkeys – you can see all of this at the Affenberg, with no bars or glass panels in the way.

    Distance from Katschberg: 75 km/70 mins

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    Heidi-Alm Falkert

    The Heidi-Alm Falkert is a children’s adventure park in the Nockbergen at 1875 m and offers something for everyone. The unique Heidi-Alm extends over approx. 3 ha in a stone pine forest. Here the story of ‘HEIDI, the mountains are your world’ is re-told with over 100 characters and brought to life for all ages. The family adventure park awaits!

    Distance from Katschberg: 75 km/70 mins


    The Taurachbahn is the highest altitude narrow gauge railway in Austria and a summer family experience in Lungau. Thanks to the initiative of the Club 760 (friends of the Murtalbahn association) which took on the lease for the track in 1982, the historic steam locomotive now runs through the Taurachtal valley in Salzburg from Mauterndorf to St. Andrä and back from June to September.

    Distance from Katschberg: 15 km/15 mins

    8-Seater Grosseck Mauterndorf Cabel Car

    Whether in summer or in winter, with our comfortable 8-person cable cars you can conveniently reach the Grosseck-Speiereck mountain of adventures from Mauterndorf and St. Michael. Our cable cars are excellently suited to wheel chair users and prams! Dogs can be taken for free!

    Distance from Katschberg: 15 km/15 mins

    Mauterndorf Castle Experience

    The Middle Ages are brought to life at the Mauterndorf castle, the former toll station and the temporary summer residence of the Salzburg prince bishops. Get to know head of the house Leohnhard von Keutschach and his entourage in person and enjoy an unforgettable day.

    Distance from Katschberg: 15 km/15 mins

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    Millstättersee Boat Trip

    The ultimate leisure experience – a boat trip on the Millstättersee lake on the Kaernten and Seeboden motor boats – relaxation in the fresh lake air and sunshine.

    Distance from Katschberg: 40 km/28 mins

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    Treasure Hunt in the Donnerschlucht Gorge

    ‘The treasure of the Nockzwerge dwarfs’ – experience an exciting and challenging treasure hunt with a map, compass and magic glasses in the Donnerschlucht gorge. You have to find the treasure of the Nockzwerge dwarfs! Explore four mystery worlds and crack the secret code. Adventure fun for all the family!

    Distance from Katschberg: 25 km/30 mins

    Kärnten Card Bonuspartner - Reduced admission

    Kärnten Card

    Fallbach Water Play Park

    The water play park is located beneath Carinthia’s highest waterfall, the Fallbach. Toys can be found along the way which allow the imagination to run wild. A wobbly bridge, pond with raft, climbing trees, mud house, sluices, water wheels – a special nature experience!

    Distance from Katschberg: 30 km/25 mins

    Kärnten Card Bonuspartner - 30% discount

    Kärnten Card

    Maltatal Donkey Park

    Home to over 100 animals of various species over an area of approx. 30,000 m2. Direct contact with the animals. We offer donkey rides for children, drinks, a café, ice-cream and souvenirs.

    Distance from Katschberg: 30 km/25 mins

    Kärnten Card Bonuspartner - 10% discount

    Pankratium Gmünd

    The world has become loud enough and delicate tones are all too easily drowned out. But this is not the case at the ‘House of amazement’: those looking on in amazement are still and quiet here; they close their eyes with their mouth and ears open. And this openness leads to curiosity and receptiveness.

    Distance from Katschberg: 23 km/18 mins

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    Malta Hochalmstraße Alpine Road

    The route of the 14.4 km ling Alpine road through a valley of crashing water follows a bold course through natural tunnels and along sharp bends. Various points along the way, such as the Malteiner waterfalls, invite visitors to stop for a while. The 2000 m high Kölnbrein dam is based at 2000 m above sea level. Tours of the dam walls are held here! Free exhibitions in the experience centre.

    Distance from Katschberg: 43 km/40 mins

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    Nockalmstraße Road

    A journey into the Nockberge mountains is a lasting experience for all nature lovers. The approx. 35 km Nockalmstrasse road follows numerous gently winding twists and turns through a truly special landscape. The Nockberge are Europe’s only national park to be situated in high mountains containing the largest area of spruce, larch and stone pine forest in the eastern Alps (well-marked footpaths).

    Distance from Katschberg: 28 km/30 mins


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