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    "Katschberger HoamART"

    Katschberger HoamArt, not musician's barn! The family holiday region of Katschberg between Salzburg and Carinthia celebrates autumn with authentic culture and a lot of music.

    When more than two Carinthians come together on a beautiful alpine pasture, things get fun and musical. They do no yodel, they sing - like there's no tomorrow. The inhabitants of Austria's most southern federal state have an inexhaustible repertoire of songs in their head, each with seemingly 37 verses, all of which one knows off by heart, of course. This also applies to the holiday region of Katschberg in the border region between Carinthia and Salzburg, although here the Salzburgers also contribute to the musical variety.

    Three to four times a week from the end of August to mid-October, music is played, typical specialities of the region are served and handicrafts from the past are shown at the chalets. Sometimes one can also give the craftsmen a helping hand, such as the woodcutters, blacksmiths or shingle makers. If the huts are located in somewhat more remote areas, one hikes together with guides from the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve into the peculiarities nature.


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