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    Zimske radosti

    Canyoning & Rafting

    Obvezno za vse ljubitelje dogodivščin
    Začetniki in poznavalci uživajo v Canyoningu na polni črti. Prekrasne soteske in številna mesta poskrbijo za avanturo, da vam srce hitreje bije.

    Občuti moč vode
    Divja zabava v vodi - najsodobnejša oprema in izkušeni, usposobljeni vodniki poskrbijo za varnost, zatorej je sodelovanje neodvisno od starosti in spola.


    Depp rocky gorges, crashing waterfalls. At times, you will walk through the gorges with the water coming up to your chest. A goog dose of courage is needed! Top quality equipment and experienced guides guarantee your safety.

    Adults € 70,-
    Chirldren € 60,-


    Night canyoning offers adventure-seekers a special experience from June until August.

    On request (register by 5.00 pm the day before)


    The thrill of the wild water against the impressive backdrop of the Hohe Tauern peaks and the selected river stretches of the Moell make this adventure a truly unforgettable experience. Our fun programme includes a 3 m jump into the wild river. Modern equipment and a well-trained and experienced rafting guide guarantee your safety.

    Adults € 40,-
    Children € 35,-


    Gottfried Krabath
    Katschberg Ski & Sport School
    Katschberghöhe 30
    9863 Rennweg


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