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    Sport & Leisure


    It remains to be seen whether there are really no sins at the Kuschelalm hut! If nothing else, the Kuschelalm is certainly sinfully romantic. Every frog turns into a prince and every woman into a Queen of hearts with a kiss in the hay!


    At Katschberg and Rennweg there are offered archery. Once a week, guests can visit a free "taster archery" in the context of the program of activities.

    Katschberg Quad course

    Your little ones will feel all grown up at the newly designed quad course, alongside Hintereggers Ainkehr.


    Explore the environment on an ultra-modern e-bike without putting in any great effort and conquer the peaks and mountain passes with ease along the special mountain biking trails.

    Vlakec Tschu Tschu

    Pustolovska vožnja čez naravno in krajinsko območje Pöllatal
    Naš vlakec Tschu-Tschu pelje od Rennwega v zasanjen Pöllatal. Mimo prijaznih vasi, vodi osule potnike v eno izmed najbolj impresivno naravno in krajinsko območje na Kroškem.

    Mascot parade

    A highlight at family-friendly Katschberg is the Sunday mascot parade. The mascots of the various companies meet together and wait for numerous visits from as many children as possible. Falky, Bollo, Katschi, Rocco, Katschlinchen and Katschling Junior come in the summer to go on a little walk with you to Katschhausen with loud music and drumming.


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