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Attractions in the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region

Varied activitiey program with great sports offers

During your summer vacation or autumn vacation around the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region there are also numerous activities to explore away from the hiking trails. With mild temperatures and a wonderful mountain panorama, you can spend sunny and relaxing days in our holiday region. The Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region offers varied and exciting sports activities as well as a largely free activity program.

Summer activities

In the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region, a variety of exciting activities & excursion destinations for young and old await you. Whether relaxed attractions for the whole family or action-packed must-do's for a trip with friends.

With the Mountain & Valley Card many attractions are free or discounted.

Overview summer activities

Aineckbahn Katschberg

The Aineck cable car takes you up to the top easily, quickly and comfortably in summer. From the summit of the 2.220m high Aineck you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. Once at the top, there is the Adlerhorst summit restaurant and the starting point for easy to challenging hiking trails. Dogs and bicycles CANNOT be transported for safety reasons.


Katschbergbahnen GmbH

9863 Rennweg am Katschberg, Katschberghöhe 17 I

+43 4734 83888

Summer toboggan run Katschi's Goldfahrt

At Katschi's Goldfahrt, the history of mining is in the foreground. The ride on the toboggan run takes you through the gold digger's house, along a winding forest path in the dark tunnels to the glittering interior of the mountain and to the gold panning. After the adventurous ride and lots of fun along the interactive path, you deserve some rest. On the wind-protected and sunny slope, heart benches and heart plateaus invite children and parents to relax.


Katschbergbahnen GmbH

9863 Rennweg am Katschberg, Katschberghöhe 17

Get there: next to the Falkensteiner Hotel Cristallo (Katschberghöhe 6), parking at the parking lot P1 I

+43 4734 83888

Pony Alm - Gontal

An absolute highlight in your summer holiday! All horse-loving children, large and small, have the opportunity to pet the ponies and horses, to clean them or to go horseback riding.

Riding & horse-drawn carriage rides

Happiness on earth is on horseback! At the Katschberg horse center there is also the opportunity to take riding lessons, go on a guided trail ride and take a horse-drawn carriage to the Gontal to the Pritzhütte.

More information


Pferdezentrum Katschberg

5582 St. Michael im Lungau, Katschberghöhe 421 I

+43 664 28 44 583 oder +43 4734 29 911

TheCage Indoor sports hall & Quad Parcours

On 450 m2, action, fun and excitement ensure your experience in "THE CAGE" - the sports and leisure center at Katschberg. Boulder on the climbing wall or do a backflip on the trampoline and land in the back jump – this is where you can put your skills to the test and have lots of fun! In addition, small rally drivers race at 25 km/h and 8 hp over the 450m long quad course and put their skills to the test. Please note that the quad course is closed in bad weather!


Mountain Budget Hotel Basekamp

5582 St. Michael im Lungau, Katschberghöhe 331 I

+43 4734 240 40

Children's adventure world Katschhausen

Katschhausen is an excursion destination that is particularly worth seeing in summer at Katschberg for the whole family. The children's adventure world is about the history of the Katschlinge. With the help of Katschlinchen, Katschling Junior and Mama and Papa Katschling, natural spectacles are explained in a playful way and puzzles are solved on the playground. In the tourist office at Katschberg and Rennweg, as well as in the Alpine horse center right next to Katschhausen, there is a riddle booklet for children, with which the little ones can solve an exciting puzzle together with the Katschling family. As a reward, there is a small surprise at the tourist office in Katschberg or Rennweg.

More information to Katschhausen!


Tourismusverband Rennweg am Katschberg

9863 Rennweg am Katschberg, Katschberghöhe 30 I

+43 4734 630

3D archery parcours Katschberg

Archery has many facets: it is sport, concentration, meditation & exercise in the great outdoors! After a briefing at the enrollment site, the adventure begins! The course leads through a slightly copied terrain, so a great fun factor is guaranteed for the young and the young at heart! The parents with their children feel like real heroes when exploring the most diverse 3D animals. Here a deer, over there a fox, there a small marmot... Hike together on perfectly laid out paths through the area and don't lose sight of the essentials.


Ski & Sportschule Katschberg

9863 Rennweg am Katschberg, Katschberghöhe 30a

+43 660 8388 100 oder +43 664 25 27 345

Adventurepark high ropes course Katschberg

The adventurepark at Katschberg offers you over 200 stations between 1 and 20 m in height. Show your climbing skills on 15 different courses including two flying fox courses. An action-packed experience for the whole family.

The adventure park is located in the village center opposite to the Falkensteiner Hotel Cristallo and next to the Stamperl restaurant.


Adventurepark Katschberg

9863 Katschberg |

+43 (0) 676 63 70 970

Outdoor pool Gries in Rennweg

Located right next to the campsite in Gries in Rennweg, the outdoor pool in the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal holiday region offers a 325m2 outdoor pool with an adjacent lawn for your summer vacation. Children have their own paddling pool and various play equipment. Table tennis tables, a mini golf course, a beach volleyball court and a skater fun park offer further entertainment for the whole family. Of course, after so much fun and games, you need to cool off. Ice cream, various snacks and soft drinks are available.


Marktgemeinde Rennweg am Katschberg

9863 Rennweg am Katschberg, Rennweg 51

+43 4734 208

Electric choo-choo train in Pöllatal

Sightseeing in a different way - The Pöllatal nature reserve in Rennweg in the Katschberg Lieser-Maltal holiday region is the perfect destination in summer. A ride on the new e-choo-choo train offers the perfect experience for the whole family. It is not only a great excursion option for families, but also for group excursions. The e-choo-choo train starts at the parking lot P1/Barbecue plase in the front Pöllatal and runs to the end of the valley.

More information & timetable of the e-choo-choo train!


Tourismusverband Rennweg am Katschberg

9863 Rennweg am Katschberg, Rennweg 51

+43 4734 330

Get to the Pöllatal:

Highway A10 – highway exit Rennweg am Katschberg, direction of Katschberg – turn left after the Mühlbacherhof - Gries – Oberdorf - Pöllatal

Nature reserve Pöllatal

In Rennweg in the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region extends the Pöllatal nature & landscape conservation area. It is perfect as a destination with children for your summer vacation. A six-kilometre-long path suitable for children leads through the valley, next to which the Lieser mountain stream runs. Rustic alpine huts, a barbecue area with a place to rest and a new playground, an arsenic show hut and numerous stream entrances guarantee the perfect day trip for the whole family.

More information about the Pöllatal!

Pankratium - house of wonder

In such a noisy world, the soft tones are quickly lost. Take part in a sensual journey into a very special world of wonder, in which perception is strengthened, the senses are challenged and curiosity is kindled.

A unique sound orchestra with a sound boat, drop drums, water trumpets and much more is just waiting to enchant you. Listen to the water flowing, the drops trickling down the pipes, watch the waves move and discover the numerous interactive sensory games. In the KlangKunstGarten you can listen to the quiet tones that the wind plays in the sound sculptures and admire the unique connection between art and science in AugenKlang.
This is just a small glimpse into the fascinating world that the House of wonder offers.


Pankratium Gmünd - Haus des Staunens

9853 Gmünd in Kärnten, Hintere Gasse 60 |

+43 (0) 4732 31144

Porsche car museum

Car fans will find the perfect excursion destination here: the first vehicles under the Porsche name were built in the Porsche car museum in Gmünd from 1944 to 1950. The private museum has a large collection: of course, unique models such as the floating Porsche hunting car and the numerous rally and racing cars should not be missing here. But the biggest highlight is Austria's first and only police Porsche 911.
Every year you can admire a new special exhibition here and learn even more about the history, manufacture and structure of Porsche through the presentation.


Porsche Automuseum - Pfeifhofer GmbH

9853 Gmünd, Riesertratte 4a |

+43 (0) 4732 2471

Outdoor pool Gmünd

In Gmünd, the solar-heated outdoor adventure pool offers bathing fun for the whole family. A large lawn, numerous children's play equipment, a long water slide, a shoulder shower and bubble jets invite you to relax. There is an extra children's pool for the little ones.


Erlebnisfreibad Gmünd

9853 Gmünd, Gries 77

+43 (0) 676 847846831

Town tower gallery Gmünd - MARC CHAGALL

Probably the greatest and most idiosyncratic painting wizard of the 20th century is making a guest appearance in the artists‘ town of Gmünd this summer. As a highlight of the Carinthian exhibition summer, the show presents over 80 colourful, bright works by Marc Chagall: a poetic and optimistic world of images, inspired by the artist’s Jewish-Belarusian homeland, stories from the Bible, and eloquent literaure from ancient Greece.


Künstlerstadt Gmünd

9853 Gmünd in Kärnten, Hauptplatz 13 | www.künstlerstadt-gmü

+43 (0) 4732 221524

Galleries & exhibitions

The artists' town of Gmünd has received many awards, such as the European Year of Cultural Heritage seal in 2018, and shows a new, diverse cultural offering every year.
Exhibitions, museums, sculpture gardens, artist studios and countless galleries offer art and culture for all ages and tastes. In the evening you can choose from the extensive program of events.


Kulturinitiative Gmünd

9853 Gmünd/Kärnten, Hauptplatz 20 |

+43 (0) 4732 2215-24

Donkey park Maltatal

The large adventure meadow in the donkey park in the Maltatal with a playground is a true family experience. The holiday park with a size of about 30.000 square meters is home to over 100 animals of various breeds.
The animals like to be petted and on the large meadow "donkey cuddles and relaxing the soul" is the motto of the day.


Eselpark Maltatal

9854 Malta 55 |

+43 664 1608111

Water play park Fallbach in Maltatal

Discover the beautiful nature adventure playground directly at the highest free-falling waterfall in Carinthia - the Fallbach Malta with a height of 200 m. With over 20 play stations, the water adventure park is the perfect destination for families. Games, fun and adventure can be found along the Mühlbach. Lots of adventurous water play equipment is waiting for you! Water labyrinth, wobbly bridge, tree house slide and much more guarantee an eventful trip for the whole family.

A large barbecue area with a circle of fire and seating is available for barbecue parties (advance booking required).


Wassererlebnis Maltatal GmbH

9854 Malta in Kärnten, Brandstatt 11 |

+43 4733 20073 oder +43 664 73938988

Malta Hochalmstraße panoramic road & Kölnbreinsperre dam

In the Maltatal, a beautiful panoramic road - the Malta Hochalmstraße - awaits you. It leads on a 14.4 km long winding route to the breathtaking 200 m high Kölnbreinsperre dam. The huge reservoir is surrounded by a massive mountain landscape, which offers a variety of hiking routes of every level of difficulty. Those who would like to learn more about environmentally friendly power generation can take part in a guided tour through the interior of the dam. The brave dare to take the "Airwalk" to enjoy the fascinating view. Visit the exhibition WATER-POWER-MAN, experience the ENERGY WORLD MALTA and enjoy a coffee on the sun terrace of the Berghotel Malta.


A special highlight on the dam is the "Airwalk". The glass platform at 200 m offers a clear view of the surrounding mountain panorama. The architecture of the dam wall can be viewed from a new perspective - be amazed at how the massive concrete arches over your heads holds back the water volumes over a length of 626 m.


Malta Hochalmstraße & Kölnbreinsperre
VERBUND Tourismus GmbH

9815 Kolbnitz, Rottau 12 |

+43 (0) 50313 39363

Toll station Malta: +43 (0) 4733 296

3D archery parcours Malta

As accurate as Robin Hood - prove your skills in the 3D archery course in Malta. In the immediate vicinity of the water arena Goessfalls you can go on a foray into the 4-hectare nature park. After a short training session, the adventure begins. Various stations for all ages await you on the flat forest area! Fun guaranteed!


Alpinsport Koller

9854 Malta, Koschach 10 |

+43 650 5545776

Energy adventure trail Trebesing

In the dragon gorge, the little dragon is born with feet that are way too big. Because of his big feet, he is very clumsy and will trip over anything on the ground. When he makes his way to his dragon girl, he even kicks off a rock fall, burying his girlfriend and the whole family! Help the dragon to solve three tasks so that he can finally get rid of his big feet! On an adventurous journey you will learn the importance of caring for the environment and listening to nature, so get on your way now!


Energie Erlebnisweg Trebesing

9852 Trebesing, Trebesing 19 |

+43 (0) 4732 3000

Children's playground Trebesing

The playground in Trebesing was built on the enclosure of the A10 Tauernautobahn and has numerous modern play equipment. In summer, the children can really let off steam on the green playground!

The playground can be reached from the "Zwergennest" in Trebesing via the new wooden footbridge.


Dorfinfo - Babydorf

9852 Trebesing |

+43 (0) 4732 3000

High rope park Nockberge

See the world from above - in the high rope park Nockberge. At more than 65 climbing stations in various courses, you can put your skills to the test at daredevil heights of up to 27 m. And if this adrenaline rush isn't enough for you, two Mega Flying Foxes, each 300 m long, are waiting for you! The little ones don't miss out either - in the new kids' course, children from the age of 4 can show off their climbing skills.


Sport Schiffer - Hochseilpark

9862 Innerkrems 9a |

+43 (0) 4736 345

Nockalmstraße panoramic road

The 34-km-long Nockalmstraße enchants with soft green alpine pastures, pink blooming alpine roses and light larch forests. It leads through the Nockberge Biosphere Park from Innerkrems to Ebene Reichenau and always offers beautiful views. Discover the numerous free exhibitions along the panorama road, enjoy hiking on the round peaks of the Nockberge and then stop off at one of the rustic huts or mountain inns.


Land Kärnten - Nockalmstraße

9862 Innerkrems |

+43 (0) 4736 265 (toll station)