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Family hikes & theme trails

The most beautiful trails for the whole family

The most important thing in life is family. And that's why family vacations in summer and autumn should also be something very special. In the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal holiday region, there is not only an extensive activity program and great excursion destinations, but also numerous themed hiking trails on historical or natural history trails, on educational trails or adventure hiking trails and hiking trails that are ideal for hikes with children.

Thematic hiking and many more...

Themed trails such as the Herzerl trail to the Gamskogelhütte, the Malteiner water games & the water thought trail Gößfalls in Malta, the KatschTIERade through the village of Katschberghöhe or the stream adventure trail in the Pölla valley convey knowledge about the local flora and fauna and much more in a playful way. Various hiking trails suitable for pushchairs offer an opportunity to experience the environment with children. The best adventure and activity park in the world is also special here - nature! Along the family hiking trails, there are colorful plants to admire, mountain streams and lakes to splash in, and numerous trees and rocks to climb.

Theme trails


KatschTIERade - the olympic games of Katschberg's wildlife

Visitors of all ages can prove whether they are as skilful as the animals on a family holiday at Katschberg. Who can jump as far as a rabbit, be smart like a fox or climb like a squirrel? The scene of the KatschTIERade in summer is the center of the Katschberg, the Katschberghöhe! A play path runs right through the center, where you can always find new, high-quality wooden play equipment, e.g. the grass snake for balancing, a climbing frame, a forest telephone and much more!

The children can record the performances of the KatschTIERade on a great scratch card, which is available in the Katschberg tourist office or at the hotel reception. Depending on your skill, a small reward awaits you at the Katschberg tourist office!

Walking time: about 1-2 hours / Starting point: Falkensteiner Hotel Cristallo - playgrount equipment / 2 km

Heart Trail to the Gamskogelhütte

The Heart Trail leads to mary's chapel and the Gamskogelhütte and is easily accessible on foot, by mountain bike or e-bike and also with a pram. Thus, the Heart Trail is not only suitable for the wedding carriage, but also as a family hiking trail. In summer, it takes 45 minutes to go up to the Gamskogelhütte, with the option of continuing to hike via the Gontalscharte to the Tschaneck or to the Pritzhütte.

Duration about 45 minutes, 1.5 km, starting point: Landal, Katschberghöhe

Rennweg am Katschberg

Stream adventure trail Pöllatal

A six-km-long path suitable for children leads through the valley, next to which the Lieser mountain stream runs. Rustic alpine huts, a barbecue area with a place to rest and a new playground, an arsenic show hut, numerous stream entrances and an adventurous climbing rock guarantee the perfect day trip for the whole family.

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Gmünd's story

You start at the upper city gate - there you will discover the pillory from the 15th century. At the beginning of the covered castle entrance you come across the old women's chapel. The ascent to the Old Castle is worth visiting with a magnificent view of the tower. On the way to the simple and elegant Calvary Church, the 7 artistically designed (Stations of the Cross) deserve attention and the crypt of Count Lodron, which was built behind the castle, deserves your attention. The Porsche Museum and the town parish church, which is worth seeing, reach over the Bauchwehbründl and the Willburgsteig with some cultural and historical treasures.

Walking time: about 2 hours / startin point: tourism office Gmünd / 3,5 km / 80 m ascent / historical round walk/ Kalvarienberg church, crypt Lodron

Mill trail in Drehtalgraben

The Drehtalgraben once housed around 40 mills. Today there is only one wheel mill, the one of the Saghans, now called the Treven Mill. Visiting it and getting to know the accessible ditch section in its forest splendor is a particularly worthwhile undertaking in the summer heat. Our hiking suggestion leads back via Kreuschlach with its oversized local church into the narrow ditch and on the opposite side. The municipal road is paved until shortly after Kreuschlach, then you move on grown forest and meadow soil.

Walking time: 4 - 5 hours / Starting point: tourism office Gmünd / 11 km / 480 m ascent


Water thought trail Göß falls

The lower reaches of the Göß stream form a wildly romantic granite gorge with spraying waterfalls, overflowing rock slabs and crystal-clear pools. The short access to the first Göß fall (approx. 150 meters) was designed in such a way that it can also be managed by people with walking disabilities and visually impaired people. Immediately before the first fall, the water arena, with a platform reaching into the water, invites you to linger and be amazed.

A water themed trail leads from the water arena to the upper end of the Göß gorge. The signs, with quotes from famous historical figures, show that water has always played an important role in diverse human societies. The individual rest and stopping points are places of rest where you can listen to the constant rushing of the waterfalls - but which should also stimulate thoughts. A suspension bridge at the end of the theme trail offers another impressive view of the upper part of the gorge.

Walking time: For the ascent and descent you need about 1 hour.
To the first viewing platform wheelchair accessible.

Nature adventure trail "Malteiner Wasserspiele"

At the beginning of the Upper Malta Valley there is a wildly romantic, impressive valley section. Exactly this area has now been made accessible to a broader public through the nature adventure trail "Malteiner Wasserspiele".

The adventure trail begins right next to the toll station at the Falleralm restaurant. The comfortable hike, which takes about two hours, leads about 5 km along the Malta river into the valley. The visitor is always offered an impressive view of the Malta river and the flowing streams and waterfalls. The conclusion is the idyllically located "Blaue Tumpf" in Schönau. Plan about 1.5 hours walking time for the way back.

The following 18 interesting stopping points were selected along the nature adventure trail:

01 - Lower Fallertumpf 10 - Felskanzel
02 - Upper Fallertümpfe 11 - Lebensraum Gesteinsblock
03 - Hochsteg-Klamm gorge 12 - Trockental
04 - Hochsteg und Renkerruhe 13 - habitat Totholz
05 - Melnik fall 14 - Hochbrücke
06 - Grauerlenwald 15 - Schönau
07 - Dreifaltigkeits fall 16 - Gmünder Hütte
08 - Stream vegetation at Süßenbach 17 - Hochalm fall
09 - Veidlbauer alm 18 - Blauer Tumpf

Bee educational trail Maltatal

The educational trail is intended to introduce non-beekeepers to a topic that they usually only know from specialist books or from bee books in the Maya Bee style. The nature trail provides an insight into the life of bees. Informative boards at 14 stations provide information about bees and beekeeping. In the first part, visitors learn a lot about the bee colony, the social structure, the way of life of the bees and the ecological benefits. The second part deals with honey, its origin and extraction. The third part provides information about bee products and beekeeping in the Malta Valley. Children and adults can safely admire the activity of the bees in a hollow tree trunk and in a bee display case, protected by a glass.

Walking time: about 1 hour

Water fall trail Fallbach

This themed trail, which revolves around the topic of "waterfalls", leads the visitor from the car park to the viewing platform at the foot of the Fallbach (Carinthia's highest waterfall). 10 stations provide information on geological, historical, health and natural history.

Walking time: about 1/2 hour, prices - entrance: entrance prices of the water play park Fallbach on reqest! Tel.: 0043 (0) 4733 220 15
Open from beginning of May to mid of October, daily from 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

Krems in Kärnten

In the center of iron mining - Eisentratten

The hike from Gmünd to Eisentratten leads across the beautiful view offering high plateaus of the Unterbuch and Oberbuch, the way back you go along the banks of the rushing Lieser. The trail back mostly goes along forest roads or hiking trails with natural soil through the forest and across meadows.

Walking time: 3 ½ - 4 hours / Starting point: tourism information Gmünd / 10,5 km / 420 m in altitude / views into the Lieser- and Maltatal valley / Hochofen Constantin in Eisentratten

"Wasser-Kappenweg" in Innerkrems

This themed hiking trail leads to six mine tunnels. The car stays at the end of Innerkrems at the car park at the tow lift. You walk approx. 1 km on the road in the direction of Schönfeld. Then, shortly after a serpentine, the "Wasser-Kappenweg" and path 125 go up to the right. On the "Wasser-Kappenweg" always follow the information boards with the "Knappen" (squires). You reach the St. Siegesmundstollen after a short time. After a total of one hour you reach two more tunnels, the Fanz-Nepomuk tunnel & the Leopold tunnel are right next to each other. From here, follow path 125 for about 100m and a little uphill, the "Wasser-Kappenweg" branches off to the right and you come to the Hutmannstollen. This is the highest point of this circular hike and you descend to the Hironimus tunnel, from which a small stream runs. Continue to the left of the small ditch and come back to a collapsed miners' house - the silver room. Next to it is the Glück-auf tunnel. After this last tunnel, back over the Graben and the descent leads back to the road on the old "Knappenweg".

Walking time: about 2½ - 3 hours

"Wasser-Sonnenweg" in Nöring / Eisentratten

Discover the "Wasser-Sonnenweg". Hiking - observing - Kneipp therapy - or learning to understand nature through play. A hiking paradise for the whole family. A place that was previously almost untapped. Simply enjoy the silence - record soothing sounds of nature - breathe in the fresh air - the hiking natural jewel in the Nockberge Mountains offers all this and much more. The natural arena also offers: a barbecue area, Kneipp facilities, meditation hikes, playground, natural stage, etc.

Walking time: about 10 km (circular route) - about 1½ - 2 hours, suitable for pushchairs


Energy adventure trail Trebesing

Accompany the little dragon on an educationally valuable journey and help him along the way to successfully solve the three tasks!

Beginning of June to end of September daily during good weather.

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