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Salzburg & Carinthia's highest registry office

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The region of Katschberg offers romantics an unforgettable backdrop for the dream wedding: From July to September the Gamskogelhütte at 1,850 meters altitude becomes the local branch of the registry office, and is therefore the highest registry office in Austria.

Directly next to the Gamskogelhütte there is also the charming Mary's Chapel, in which the church wedding (protestant) can take place afterwards. The Chapel is surrounded by lush meadows and an impressive mountain scenery.

Get married on the mountain from June to September

In the summer months, the Gamskogelhütte is transformed into a popular destination for couples in love who say yes in the wonderful scenery of the natural landscape at Katschberg. Which bridal couple doesn't want it, that very special moment on the most beautiful day in their life? The Katschberg wedding region has several surprises to offer for lovers. Because who doesn't want to celebrate this unique day where not only Salzburg and Carinthia meet, but also where the stories of two people become one? Another interesting detail is that the national border runs through the wedding hall and the hut. If you start on the way to the registrar in Carinthia, you then take the stairs to Salzburg and come back to Carinthia.

I give you my (Katschberg) heart

It's the little things that make the most beautiful day in a couple's life very special. For example, a red heart with name and wedding date remains as a reminder of each bride and groom. The numerous hearts adorn the Herzerlweg, named after them, which leads from the valley up to Mary's Chapel. The walking time is just under 45 minutes. Less sporty, but at least as beautiful, is the horse-drawn carriage ride to the registry office and the Marienkapelle. In addition, the Gamskogelhütte also offers a shuttle service that picks up the wedding guests.

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