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Free sport fields for all guests

At 1.640 altitude, there are sports fields at Katschberg, directly in Katschberghöhe. A tennis court, a soccer field, a volleyball field as well as a multifunction field are available for free during your summer vacation. The required equipment like tennis rackets or balls are available for free as well at the horse center Katschberg. The sports fields can be booked online in advance.

Running, Trail running & Nordic walking

Mountain running and Nordic walking up to 2.220 m! The Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region offers not only numerous opportunities for hiking but also fantastic routes for runners. Numerous routes in the valley or the low-allergen altitude between 1.650 and 2.220 meters is ideal for running training and Nordic walking training of all kinds.

Running trails in Malta

Route 1:
Sport fields Malta – biking trail into the valley to Winterbrücke, back over the small asphalt road on the left - direction Schlatzing - always straight ahead through Gries to the sport fields.
Ascent/descent: mostly flat
Trail length: ca. 6 km
Path condition: asphalt

Route 1 / 2:
Sport fields Malta – biking trail into the valley to Winterbrücke – further on the biking trail to "Pension Hofer" (opposite to Fallbach). Back on the gravel path on the left, past the former animal park Diana, further to Winterbrücke, direction Malta over the bike trail or the Schatzinger Straße through Gries to the sport fields.
Ascent/descent: mostly flat
Trail length: ca. 10 km
Path condition: asphalt, gravel path

Route 1 / 3:
Sport fields Malta – biking trail into the valley to Winterbrücke – further on the biking trail to "Pension Hofer", on the right over the bridge in the direction of Landesstraße. On the Landesstraße walkt ca. 300 m on the left to the next bridge on the left, cross this bridge and you are on the bike trail again. Follow the trail about 5 km to the toll staton. Follow the same route back.
Ascent/descent: mostly flat
Trail length: ca. 18 km
Path condition: asphalt

Route 4:
Sport fields Malta - cross the bridge, on the left follow the gravel path to "Schloss Dornbach", further through the "Dornbacher Schloss-Allee" to bridge Fischertratten, back on the biking trail in the direction oft sport fields Malta.
Ascent/descent: easy, moderate
Trail length: ca. 6 km
Path condition: asphalt, gravel path

Running trails in Trebesing

Circular route Trebesing – Gmünd – Radl - Trebesing
Trail length: ca. 8 km
Ascent/descent: moderate to challenging
Path condition: sometimes forest trail and asphalt
Trebesing bus stop - over the bridge, take the forest path (at first steeply, then gradually uphill, approx. 1 km) to the Gmünd marker, here on the left, slightly downhill to the small village of Moos. This is where the asphalt path begins, which leads through the village and meadows to the Landfraß housing estate and ends in the state road. The Landesstraße – along the sidewalk for a short distance until you reach the motorway underpass; here you cross the street - direction small-animal-breeding facility (3 small buildings on the left below the street). In front of the small-animal-breeding facility, turn left onto the meadow and forest path that leads along the river (Lieser) for about 1.5 km to a single-family house. Here you turn right over the bridge to the "Ziegelbrücke" bus stop, cross the main road and then continue up the paved road in the direction of Radl, past the Raderwirt - Malenthein Castle - Trebesing elementary school - municipal office - church - roundabout - underpass the motorway and then immediately left down the sidewalk to the bus stop again.

Circular route – bus stop Trebesing – Römerstraße – Smiley Kinderhotel
Trail length:
ca. 5 - 6 km
Ascent/descent: easy to moderate
Path condition: asphalt
From the bus stop, after the tennis court, walk right along the small footpath (very steep at first) to the motorway underpass. At the roundabout, turn left towards Altenberg, through the village of Rachenbach to the crossroads. Here keep left in the direction of Spittal - Alte Römerstraße. The Alte Römerstraße leads gently uphill out of the valley. After approx. 3 km you will come to a small turn-off, which leads to Smileys Kinderhotel, steeply descending to the left. From here, turn left along the main road for approx. 2.5 km back to the starting point.

Circular route – bus stop Trebesing – Radl – Radlgraben – Zlatting
Trail length:
ca. 6 km
Ascent/descent: challenging
Path condition: asphalt and forest/meadow trail
From the Trebesing bus stop, walk along the sidewalk to the left for approx. 300 m, then turn left and walk up the street, slightly uphill, parallel to the river to Malenthein Castle. Here you walk right over the bridge and immediately left between the houses towards Radlgraben. The paved road then leads gradually uphill into the Radlgraben past the individual houses, always parallel to the river. After approx. 1.5 km - 2 km there is a no-drive sign, here you turn left over the bridge. At the last residential building, a narrow forest path leads back to the left in the direction of Zlatting. Through the forest, the path is extremely steep (about 0.8 km); as soon as the first meadows and fields are reached, it becomes flatter and then leads almost flat to the village of Zlatting. Arrived at the "Veidlbauer" it leads to the asphalted municipal road, which leads left steeply down through the housing estate to the elementary school. From the school, continue right through the village of Trebesing to the roundabout. Underpass the motorway and then immediately left down the sidewalk to the bus stop.

Rafting & Canyoning

Adventure and action on your summer vacation, family vacation and hiking vacation! A canyoning or rafting trip is definitely not a relaxing bath at the lake, but an adventurous wild water pleasure in the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region, which is offered in different levels of difficulty.


Rafting as pure white water fun! Rafting in the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region in summer is a very special kind of wild water experience. On the wild water in Carinthia you can go in a rubber dinghy with experienced rafting guides. Part of this unforgettable wild water adventure program is also a 3 meter jump into the torrent! PURE action on your summer vacation in Austria.


  • Sports school Katschberg, Katschberghöhe I Tel: +43 660 8388100 / +43 664 25 27 345 I
  • Alpinsport Koller, Maltatal | Tel: +43 650 5545776 I
  • Sport Schiffer, Innerkrems I I Tel: +43 4736 345

Canyoning - pure adrenaline with exciting gorge hiking! Deep gorges and thundering waterfalls await you on this adventure trip during your summer vacation in Upper Carinthia. Some courage is required, because you hike through the gorges, sometimes up to your chest in water. Of course, experienced guides from the region ensure your safety!


  • Sports school Katschberg, Katschberghöhe I Tel: +43 660 8388100 / +43 664 25 27 345 I
  • Alpinsport Koller, Maltatal | Tel: +43 650 5545776 I
  • Sport Schiffer, Innerkrems I I Tel: +43 4736 345

Segway-Tours at Katschberg

An absolute highlight on your summer vacation! A tour with the Segway at Katschberg offers the perfect opportunity to experience the beautiful mountain landscape of the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region on holiday. The environmentally friendly scooters - Segways bring you swinging through nature - skill training and fun factor included!

Enjoyment on two wheels

It’s a true family adventure, to discover the region with a battery-powered segway running 20km/h. Forest paths, fields and simple terrains are no challenge for the rollers - so, you can start your cross-country adventure already after a short briefing at the rental - perfect for all ages!

Segway Rental

You may get informed and registered directly at Falkensteiner Hotel Cristallo in Katschberghöhe.
Price: € 38,- per person and per hour (discounted with the Mountain & Valley Card or Lungau Card)
Segways are suitable for children aged 12 years and upwards.

Adventure outdoor pools in Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal

Bathing fun for the whole family! The Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region offers outdoor swimming pools at several locations. Nothing stands in the way of a proper cooling off during your hiking or active holiday!

Outdoor pool Gries, Rennweg
Adventure outdoor pool Gmünd
Outdoor pool St. Michael/Lungau

The outdoor pool in a sunny, south-facing location offers a large swimming pool, a children's pool and a paddling pool, spacious sunbathing areas, a sun terrace with sun loungers, a restaurant and a mini golf course.

Opening times: Beginning of June to end of August, daily 9.00 am - 8.00 pm

Adress: 5582 St. Michael, Pfarrfeldstraße 163, +43 6477 7772


Varied sports offer. At weekly introductory courses, you will learn how to safely hit your target with a bow and arrow. Archery trials are offered on the Katschberghöhe and Innerkrems. Also discover the 3D archery courses at Katschberg or in the Maltatal!

Archery - 3D course Katschberg

The ski & sports school Katschberg offers a free trial archery session at the practice area once a week. This can be booked online. There is also a new 3D archery course directly on the Katschberghöhe.

After a briefing at the practice area, the adventure begins! The course leads through slightly copied terrain, which has no extreme ascents or descents. Parents with their children feel like real heroes exploring 3D animals. Here a deer, over there a fox, there a small marmot... Hike together on perfectly laid out paths through the area and don't lose sight of the essentials.


  • Ski & sports school Katschberg
    9863 Rennweg am Katschberg, Katschberghöhe 30 I
    +43 660 8388 100 oder +43 664 25 27 345
  • Location archery course: P3 parking place - Katschberghöhe
3D archery course Maltatal

Prove your marksmanship on the four hectare and 1200m long 3D archery course Maltatal. In the immediate vicinity of the Göss falls water arena, you can stroll through the forest and follow in the footsteps of Robin Hood.

After a briefing at the practicing place, the fun begins. The course leads through a flat forest area, which has no extreme ascents or descents. Thus, a problem-free inspection of the course can be guaranteed for archers of all ages.

The parcours is located in Maltatal, Koschach 10, 9854 Malta (Alpenhotel Pflüglhof)
Information at +43 (0)660 2878640 - No registration necessary.

You find the opening times here.
Last entrance to the parcours: 5.00 pm


  • Alpinsport Koller
    Tel: +43 6505545776 I
Archery in Innerkrems

Archery with real sports bows is very trendy, this sport is easy to learn! You can show off your talent at the weekly archery event.


  • Sport Schiffer
    Tel: +43 4736 345 I


Fishing with ambience in the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region. From the clear mountain stream to the alpine lake, everything that a fisher's heart desires!

Fishing in Rennweg

Fly fishing:

From April to September in the stream Lieser (from Pölla to Rennweg). You can get the card for fly fishing in the tourism office in Rennweg. Price € 40,- (one-day-card) and € 5,- for the control card (1 week). 4 fishes per person are allowed.

Fishing & hiking in Pöllatal:

Guided hike with fishing & eating fish afterwards in Pöllatal. Book online here! The hike leads through Pöllatal to the Kochloffelhütte, where you can fish in the hut's own pond. The caught fish is then freshly prepared in the hut and can be eaten. Then the e-choo-choo train takes you back to the starting point. The guide is free of charge, the trip on the e-choo-choo train and the fish have to be paid for.

Fishing in Lieser-Maltatal

Fly fishing castle Dornbach:

Drive to the parking lot before the last distance to the castle, at the "Fischerstüberl". Drinks and comfortable seating are available in the "Fischerstüberl". Fishing permits: After telephone registration, the fishing permit can be picked up in the castle office or will be issued by the supervisory body. No official fishing license required. Price on request!

Castle Dornbach:
9853 Gmünd, Dornbach 23
Tel.: 0043 4732 2324 or
Tel.: 0043 676 9427126


Varied climbing offer. Experience the Katschberg Lieser-Maltatal region while climbing or bouldering on the diverse via ferrata or in exciting high ropes courses!

Climbing paradise Maltatal

With two fixed rope routes, climbing gardens, some individual rocks with climbing routes from the fifth to the tenth degree of difficulty and the famous "Kreuzwand" climbing garden with routes up to 60 meters high, you can be sure of an unforgettable climbing holiday in the mountaineering village of Malta.

Tip: A special climbing adventure awaits you directly at Carinthia's highest waterfall. The Fallbach via ferrata offers deep views & the Kölnbreinsperre via ferrata is the ideal start for beginners

Adventure Park Katschberg

Over 200 stations, between 1 and 20 m high, divided into 15 different courses. Flying Fox XXL, Flying Fox extreme, black, red and blue + 1 giant swing. For companies 1 Magic Team, 1 ladder to heaven, 1 Pamper Pole. An experience for families, clubs, schools and companies.


  • Adventure Park Katschberg
    +43 676/63 70 970 |
    Katschberghöhe, Österreich
High rope park Nockberge

The high rope park in Innerkrems is THE leisure time fun for the whole family. Well secured and under the guidance of professionals, you can master over 65 climbing stations in the high rope park. NEW! Children's climbing forest from 4 years! Different courses in different levels from 1 - 27m high offer the right adrenaline rush for everyone. In the Flying-Fox Parcours, two mega rope slides with 300m are waiting for you, pure adrenaline!


  • Sport Schiffer
    Tel: +43 4736 345 I


Ready for the next tee? It doesn't matter whether you are a full pro or a golf beginner - the well-maintained 18-hole course in St. Michael offers enough scope for a very special golfing experience. Surrounded by a beautiful mountain panorama, the golf course with its spacious practice facilities is located in the middle of the Salzburg's Lungau.


The Graimann golf school offers a diverse range of courses: from the 3-day beginner's course and special courses to individual or partner courses, everything is included. Inform yourself at:

Golfschule & Shop Graimann
Feldnergasse 165, 5582 St. Michael im Lungau
Tel: +43 (0) 6477 7403

Golfer am Golfplatz im Lungau

Motor bike

Unlimited fun on 2 wheels. The state of Carinthia impresses with its mild climate, well-developed roads and the varied landscape of mountains and lakes. The ride to the Katschberghöhe is a ride experience in itself. The trip from the Grossglockner to the Nockberge Biosphere Park promises endless driving fun. Through the Mölltal you drive to the Millstätter See and the Nockalmstraße. The winding Malta-Hochalmstraße up to Austria's highest dam is another attraction in our region.

Tour suggestions

Malta Hochalm panoramic road

The 14.4 km long Malta Hochalm road is not one of the most popular panoramic roads in Austria. The road ends at the popular destination - the Kölnbreinsperre dam with the Skywalk & the Berghotel Malta. The official opening time of the road is from the beginning of May to the end of October.

Millstätter See - Turracher Höhe

The tour leads through the Liesertal to Millstätter See, Feldsee, Afritzer See and Afritz. Via Himmelberg into the Gurktal, Ebene Reichenau and then, as the absolute highlight, up to the Turracherhöhe - a great, winding route.

Nockalm panoramic road

The route leads to Innerkrems via the Katschberg. There is the Nockalmstraße turn-off - a 34 km long road, which leads through the Nockberge National Park in 52 hairpin bends and many curves.

Tour: Katschberg - Innerkrems - Eisentratten Höhe - Schiestlscharte - Hochrindl - Flattnitz - Metnitz - Murau - Sölkpass - Ramsau - Filzmoos - Radstädter Tauern – Lungau

Biosphere park Nockberge

Gmünd - Kremsbrücke - Innerkrems - Nockalmstraße - Ebene Reichenau - Bad Kleinkirchheim - Döbriach - Ferndorf - Olsach - Zlan - Stockenboi - Weißensee Ostufer - Boden - Kreuzen - St. Stefan - Hermagor - Weißensee - Greifenburg - Drautal - Spittal - Seeboden - Treffling - Gmünd

Extension of the route: A detour leads through the Maltatal and via the Malta Hochalm panoramic road to the imposing Kölnbreinsperre. Austria's highest dam wall at approx. 2.000m

Großglockner - Hochalpenstraße

Gmünd - Spittal - Greifenburg - Oberes Drautal - Dölsach - Iselsberg - Heiligenblut - Großglockner Hochalpenstraße - Bruck - Schwarzach - Wagrain - Altenmarkt - Radstadt - Obertauern - Mauterndorf - St. Michael - Katschberg - Gmünd