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Special Advent experience - the Katschberg Advent Trail

Katschberg Advent Experience

At Katschberg, you can experience Christmas magic far from kitsch and commerce. The Katschberg Advent Trail is a special advent hiking trail, far up in the mountains at 1.750m altitude. Escape to a Christmas, as back in the old days with a romantic Advent hike and a horse-drawn sleigh ride to the exceptional Advent experience. Along the trails, there a differently themed stations, also including free-of-charge warming tea stations, where tea is freshly poured into Katschberg Advent Trail thermo cups.

Opening Times 2019

25th November to 25th December 2020

Every Wednesday and from Friday to Sunday from 2.00pm to 8.30pm

Tuesday, 8th December 2020, from 2.00pm to 8.30pm

The trail consists of two parts, the “Wichtel” trail and the Advent trail. The experience starts from Gasthof Bacher with a 2.5km hiking trail to the hut Pritzhütte. The "Wichtel" trail already offers the first free-of-charge tea stations, as well as a Christmas maze and a wood of illuminated Christmas figures. You can also take a horse-drawn sleigh ride from Gasthof Bacher to Pritzhütte. The real Advent trail has its starting point AFTER the Pritzhütte. The trail is a hike with lovingly set up Christmas themed stations, which are located in renovated barns. Each station is dedicated to a different traditional themed topic - far from kitsch and commerce.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides and tea stations

Along the path of the “Wichtel” trail you can also take a horse-drawn sleigh ride to the Pritzhütte, which is the starting point of the actual Advent Trail. Along the trails you will find free-of-charge tea stations, where freshly made tea is poured in your Advent Trail thermo cups, that can be purchased at the starting points of the Wichtel and Advent trail.

Costs & booking

Costs: € 24,00 per adult & € 12,00 per child round trip.

A horse-drawn sleigh ride is only possible with pre-reservation. Reservation at Horse Center Katschberg via e-Mail or via phone +43 664 28 44 583.

Access & entrance at the Katschberg Advent Trail

You can reach Katschberg by car. Parking spaces at Katschberghöhe are located at P1. The entry by car to the hotel village Katschberg is not allowed! The route from town center Katschberg to Gasthof Bacher can be reached by foot (15min) or with a shuttle service (2,50€ / person).

  • Advent Trail thermo cup inclusively entrance & free-of-charge tea at the tea stations: 13€
  • Advent Trail 2020 - entrance sticker for thermo cups of past years: 10€
  • entrance without thermo cup & without free tea: 8€ starting at the Pritzhütte
  • The entrance to the Wichtel trail is freely available, free-of-charge tea only with Advent trail thermo cup

Guide to an unforgettable experience at the Katschberg Advent Trail:

The Advent trail is a real hike, high up in the mountains, in the midst of unspoilt nature - that is what makes the magic. Thus, we would like to give you some hints:

  • As it is a few kilometre long hike through the snowy winter landscape, we recommend adequate footwear and warm clothes, and maybe a headlight.
  • The whole hike starting from the town center along the Wichtel trail and then Advent trail, might be too cold or too challenging for small children and the older generation. A good alternative provides the Wichtel trail to Pritzhütte with aa Christmas maze and a wood of illuminated Christmas figures. Also, strollers and baby carriages are not recommended!
  • The winter hike is also very suitable for dogs. But please keep in mind that dog leashes are compulsory, respecting other guests and taking care of the horses.