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The kids’ adventure world Katschhausen

Playground & adventure at Katschberg for all ages

Katschhausen is a very special excursion destination for the whole family in summer at the holiday region Katschberg. The kids’ adventure world narrates the story of the Katschlings. Together with the helping hands of Katschlinchen, Katchling Junior and mama & papa Katschling, different spectacles of the nature will be explained playful and riddles will be solved at the playground.

Reaching Katschhausen at Katschberg: Starting from the parking P3 directly at Katschberghöhe you follow the way to the alpine horse stables. You may leave your car directly in front of the sports fields. From there you can see already the entry to the kids’ adventure world Katschhausen.

An unforgettable holiday at Katschberg!

In addition to the knowledge the children gain, they also have a lot of fun as the Katschlings accompany the kids along high quality playing stations, like:

  • Children’s zoo
  • different seesaws
  • bridges and slides
  • a water world
  • a colour factory and
  • much more to discover at Katscherghöhe

After playing and action you can chill out at the welcoming picnic area together with the whole family.

Solve the riddle about the kids’ adventure world Katschhausen!

At the tourism offices in Katschberg and Rennweg, as well as the alpine horse center (Alpines Pferdezentrum) just next to Katschhausen, there is a riddle book available for kids that they can use for solving the exciting riddles together with the Katschling family. The kids will be rewarded with little surprises at the tourism office Katschberg or Rennweg.

“Katschhausen” has been invented and illustrated by the carinthian designer Michaela Fink.